How to use external API's in GraphQL via Apollo server

There are scenarios in GraphQL where we have to use external API’s. Let’s take a look at an example of how to call external API’s in a GraphQL server.

How to use Workbox to implement Service worker in your React app?

Workbox is a great library by Google to add offline support to your web apps via service worker. It takes care of most of the boilerplate which developers have to code to implement offline support.

How to use Google sheets as a data source?

Google Sheets has been increasing becoming more popular especially in the field of finance and tracking data like home expenses. But the real beauty of it comes when you can use that as a data source to build beautiul UI’s around it. So, lets get started as to how to go about this.

Configuring Redux in a Universal React App with React Router

Few days back Tyler McGinnis had shared a great video to build a simple Universal React app with React Router. If you haven’t seen it, i would definitely recommend you to watch it once. It was a great article/video explaining the pain points of configuring a universal react app.

How to use Reddit's Application Only OAuth

There are tons of applications being built for Reddit and some of them don’t require user authorization. Some examples which fall under this category are :-

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